Vol. 3 - July 2022
Design Decisions for the Future
We often hear the question, “Who is making the decisions about how we will use Workday?” Hundreds of people, representing all UW System institutions, are participating in design sessions, determining the best way the University of Wisconsin will utilize Workday as well as Huron Research Suite.  

In this newsletter, you can read about what a Future State Process Design (FSPD) session entails and how ATP Design Teams and Focus Groups are setting up Workday with you in mind. Plus, learn about ATP’s governance framework, which was set up for decisions requiring broader approval. 

I hope you find the information in our July issue of ATP Touchpoints helpful and encourage you to share our newest edition with your colleagues. 

Dr. Joanna Wang
ATP Program Executive and Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

More than 100 of these design sessions will take place in the Architect Stage. Discover how subject matter experts from across the UW System are partnering with ATP Design Teams to transform finance, HR, and research administration processes in Workday.
From Design Teams to the program’s Steering Committee, representatives from all UW System institutions participate in ATP’s decision-making process.
Looking for More?
Get the latest from our Finance, HR, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

Connections Corner

ATP’s success depends on experienced people from across the UW System. Rachel Stieve, who worked 10 years for UW-Madison's Division of University Housing, looks forward to Workday streamlining the processes for units that operate 24/7.
“I am excited by the opportunity to advocate for diverse groups of employees and areas that I know need some complexity. We are engaging with stakeholders, learning from them, and building together.”

—Rachel Stieve, Time & Absence Design Team Lead
Do you use UW finance, HR, or research administration systems? Share your experiences and hopes for ATP.