Vol. 2 - June 2022
Putting People First
We are just a few weeks into the Architect Stage of the Workday implementation, and we have had many great conversations about ATP with leaders and staff from campuses across the UW System. Hearing your stories reinforces the importance of standardizing our processes within Workday’s best-in-class platform. Partnering with administrative subject matter experts who work in a variety of roles guides our process redesign work. Learning about each of the campuses confirms that we have many similar administrative needs.

You’ll find several examples in this newsletter of how ATP approaches our work from a people-first mindset. I hope you’ll share our June issue with your units and encourage your colleagues to subscribe.

Dr. Joanna Wang
ATP Program Executive and Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

ATP is building on current relationships across UW System and establishing new ones. Discussions with campus leadership are setting the stage for ATP communications and engagement with staff on all of our campuses.
Throughout the Architect Stage, ATP is partnering with subject matter experts from all UW System campuses to guide our business process transformation work. Read more about the steps we're taking to redesign finance, HR, and research administration processes.
Join ATP for our next update on Wednesday, June 22, where you’ll hear ATP news and next steps from Program Executive and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Joanna Wang. Dr. Wang will also conduct a Q&A session.
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Get the latest from our Finance, HR, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

Connections Corner

ATP’s success depends on experienced people from campuses across the UW System. We asked Robyn Bolton, who joined ATP from UW-Stevens Point, why she thinks implementing Workday will bring positive changes to all administrative staff.
"Transforming the business processes, end-to-end, is going to address a lot of challenges and pain points for our end users. I keep them in mind as I work and want to improve their experience."

—Robyn Bolton, General Ledger Design Team Lead
Do you use UW finance, HR, or research administration systems? Share your experiences and hopes for ATP.