Presented by the Center for Genomic Science Innovation
Summer 2021
UW-Madison hosts outstanding research and education in broad biological disciplines, including in the genome-enabled sciences.  To strengthen the genomics community on campus, the UW Center for Genomic Science Innovation (CGSI) is launching the Genomics & Technology Newsletter, highlighting campus genomics news, faculty and trainee spotlights, and collaboration and funding opportunities, as well as new technologies on campus and topics related to outreach and diversity.
A new partnership between the UW-Madison Biotechnology Center and the Lab in Translational Research Initiatives (TRIP) in Pathology is bringing spatial genomics to UW researchers, revealing new views of cell-to-cell signaling, tissue organization, markers for disease, and more.
 The Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine welcomed two new hires working in the field of human genetics.  Gaelen Hess and Muhammed Murtaza bring new technologies in high-throughput genotype-phenotype analysis and cancer detection, respectively.
Genomics suffers from a lack of diversity not only in its workforce but also in its data. The woeful underrepresentation of minority genomes and data in genomic research programs robs these groups of the promise of genome-enabled health care decisions.
The Covid-19 pandemic presented unique challenges and stresses for most people, but for Gage Moreno it was the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to study SARS-CoV-2 spread and evolution in Wisconsin.