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January 13, 2021

Our second annual Data Science Research Bazaar is happening throughout February 2021, on February 3, 4, 10, 17, 24, and 25, focusing on the theme "Data Science for the Social Good." The Research Bazaar will feature lightning talks, posters, interactive discussions, workshops, and a panel, addressing how data science can be used to impact social change. In addition to the opportunities to present on research and data science tools, there will be artwork featured that makes connections with data science and social inequality and a session on wellness and self-care.  Check out the full schedule and register for the conference sessions here.

Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

January 19, 20, 22, and 25: Spreadsheets and OpenRefine, SQL, Intro to R, R Visualization and Rmd

Upcoming Seminars & Events

There are no seminars to advertise at this time.

Professional Opportunities


On Campus

The Systems Engineer works within the UW Biotechnology Center (UWBC), a world-class provider of biotechnology services for researchers. The position primarily supports UWBC administration and core facilities. The position requires the ability to troubleshoot problems in complex systems, work independently on routine and complex tasks, collaborate with others where appropriate, and plan future service upgrades or transitions that both optimize our investment in technology and better meet the needs of our staff and our customers, who include Principal Investigators across UW-Madison and around the world. Apply by January 15.

Drs. Churpek and Afshar are seeking a postdoctoral research associate to contribute to cutting-edge research in health informatics, focusing on projects in clinical natural language processing and deep learning. The research associate will be expected to lead manuscripts and participate in multi-center collaborations under close mentorship by a multidisciplinary team of physician-scientists, clinical informatics experts, biostaticians, and computer scientists. More information about applying can be found here.

Off Campus

The Applied Data Science Services Librarian will provide robust data science support services and evidence-based pedagogical opportunities in computational methods for Penn community members across the disciplines and with varying degrees of technical and methodological experience. Along with colleagues in Research Data and Digital Scholarship, the position is responsible for providing instruction and outreach to faculty, students, and interdisciplinary campus groups, supporting both individual and team or lab-driven research and scholarship. Apply here.

North Carolina State University is recruiting for students to become a part of Sweet-APPS and start a PhD in 2021. The students will join a group of multidisciplinary researchers working to capture, integrate, and analyze sweet potato production data collected from field to market. The students will be encouraged to develop research questions tailored to their unique interests and career goals while working in the context of sweet potato agriculture. Students with backgrounds in agriculture, agricultural engineering, biological engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, software engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, optical sensors, remote sensors, geology, or related fields are welcome to apply. Apply by February 1.
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