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August 25, 2021


Data Science News

R and Python Programming Workshops hosted by Libraries

Learn essential programming skills during the R workshop series and the Python workshop series. Attend any or all of the sessions. Brought to you as a part of the UW Libraries Graduate Support workshop series. Open to all UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff. Find out more and register at this blog post.

Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

Fall Mini Workshop at the Data Science Hub
Sept. 15, Data Science for Clinicians and Docs. Learn more here.
Sept. 29-30, Intro To Docker. Learn more here.
Workshops open on a rolling basis starting August 23rd.

Next Gen. Data Analysis Workshops at the UW Biotechnology Center/Bioinformatics Resource Core
Sept. 20, Linux Essentials (bash). Learn more here.
Sept. 27, Intro to Next Gen Sequence Analysis. Learn more here.
Oct. 04, mRNA-Seq Data Analysis. Learn more here.

Libraries' Python Workshop Series
Sept. 23, Introduction.
Other sessions include: Loops, Lists and Functions, Spreadsheets and Data Wrangling with Pandas, and Data Visualization with Seaborn
For more info and to register, please see this blog post.

Libraries' R Workshop Series
Sept. 24, R Basics.
Other sessions include: Data Wrangling, Visualization, and Reports.
For more info and to register for other sessions in the series, please see this blog post.

Upcoming Seminars & Events


Advanced R Markdown + RStudio Connect
Aug 26, No need to register or RSVP. You can access the event through YouTube using this link

Student Opportunities

There are currently no student opportunities to share.

Professional Opportunities


On Campus

Research Associate (Postdoctoral), University of Wisconsin-Madison
The University of Wisconsin Churpek/ Afshar Data Science Lab are seeking a post-doctoral research associate to contribute to cutting-edge research in the field of health informatics with a focus in health outcomes, applied machine learning, and high-throughput phenotyping. The individual will use computational methods for representing and analyzing data from the electronic health record for clinical applications to improve health outcomes in hospitalized patients. Learn more and apply here.

Off Campus

2022 Better Scientific Software (BSSw) Fellowship
Do you have something to share with the scientific software community? Do you have a passion to learn and teach others about better software? Apply for a BSSw Fellowship. Help the community, and receive funding and recognition for your efforts. The main goal of the BSSw Fellowship program is to foster and promote practices, processes, and tools to improve developer productivity and software sustainability of scientific codes. Learn more here and apply by September 30th.

NSF-Simons Collaboration on a National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology Proposal
The purpose of the NSF-Simons Collaboration on a National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology (NITMB) is to support a research institute to enable innovative research at the intersection of mathematical and biological sciences to facilitate new developments of biology-inspired mathematical theories, methodologies, and innovative modeling approaches to advance the understanding of challenging biological problems. Learn more here. Proposals due by December 1st, 2021

Internet Archive Senior Software Engineer, Archiving & Data Services
The Archiving & Data Services team is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to advance and expand our suite of web archiving, digital preservation, and data services. The ideal candidate has developed new products, systems, and applications, maintained a code base for multiple years, and has experience working in the domains of archiving, data processing, data engineering, or deep experience with web protocols and technologies. Learn more here.
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