Vol. 4 - August 2022
Unique Views, Similar Vision
Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to tour the UW System – and the state of Wisconsin – as part of ATP’s campus visits. As a new Wisconsin resident, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful campuses and appreciated the warm welcome from leaders across the System.

While each campus has a unique culture and landscape, it’s clear they are all dedicated to serving our students, faculty, and staff. In addition to the Workday and Huron Research Suite implementations, a primary goal of ATP is to standardize business processes, which will result in more time for all of us to provide vital services more efficiently and effectively.

As we move into a new month, I am also pleased to extend my own welcome to ATP’s newest team member: Kevin Donahoe will join ATP on August 15 as our new Program Director. Kevin comes to the UW System with extensive experience in leading technology initiatives, including the recent Workday implementation at The Ohio State University.

Read about Kevin’s role within the Administrative Transformation Program, as well as the outcomes and next steps of the campus visits, in this month's issue of ATP Touchpoints. 

Dr. Joanna Wang
ATP Program Executive and Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

The first round of visits to 13 UW institutions included conversations about how to address concerns and create enthusiasm for ATP. Readiness Teams are being assembled and will play a crucial role in communication and engagement for each campus.
Kevin Donahoe brings 16 years of technology implementation, upgrade, and administration experience to ATP. Learn more about Kevin and how he will work with the program team to implement Workday at all UW System institutions.
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Get the latest from our Finance, HR, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

Connections Corner

ATP’s success depends on experienced people from across the UW System. Jenna Weidner, who worked 7½ years for UW System Administration, believes the time and effort put into ATP will benefit all campuses for years to come.
“After years of working with UW institutions on systemwide initiatives, I value the voice of the individual campuses and their leaders, faculty, and staff. While each UW campus offers a unique student experience, there’s great potential to leverage things our campuses have in common.”

—Jenna Weidner, ATP Communications Liaison