Vol. 8 - December 2022
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Introducing Workday and the Next Stage of ATP
Though it will be a few more weeks before we greet the new year, ATP has already launched a new beginning: The Configure & Prototype Stage is now underway. While our accomplishments to date can be shared in numbers — we’ve held hundreds of design sessions, inventoried over 1,700 ancillary systems, and examined more than 350 business processes — our greatest success has been the collaboration of ATP teams and dedicated colleagues from across the UW System.

Guidance and feedback from Focus and Validation Group members, Governance Committee members, Readiness Team members, Ambassadors, and the broader UW System community is crucial to ATP’s success. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are just joining us on this journey, we appreciate your contribution of time, talent, and insight. Thank you for your commitment to ATP and the UW System. 

Dr. Joanna Wang
Program Executive – Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

Tune in to the First Readiness Workshop!
Get a first look at the Workday landing page and some of the employee self-service (ESS) features. This and future workshops will provide 45-minute, high-level overviews of Workday functionality. All of the Readiness Workshops will be recorded.
Build Your Knowledge of Workday Terms
As ATP works to standardize business processes, we will also introduce Workday terms. Each month we’ll add to the list of terms, which you can reference now through go-live in July 2024.
What's Ahead in the Configure & Prototype Stage?
In addition to making technical progress in many areas, ATP will begin introducing faculty and staff to Workday in the months leading up to training.
Looking for More?
Get the latest from our Finance, HR, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

Question of the Month

Will I see the final setup of Workday in the Readiness Workshops?
Not quite, but you’ll see the direction we are heading. In the Readiness Workshops, you will see a tenant where some functionality may be nearly ready; some functionality will still be a work in progress.

A tenant is a single instance, or setup, of Workday. ATP will use a series of tenants to set up the tasks and steps of business processes. Each new tenant brings us closer to the final version of Workday, which will go live in July 2024.


Connections Corner

Photograph of Dusty Mattison
ATP’s success depends on experienced people from across the UW System. As a former rowing team coach, Dusty Mattison knows change can be difficult when we aren’t sure what to expect, so she is excited to lead the Readiness Workshops.
“The workshops are just the starting point for learning. They will give you a look inside Workday so you can get familiar with the layout and feel and then hit the ground running when formal training takes place in spring 2024.”

—Dusty Mattison, ATP Engagement Specialist

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