Vol. 9 - January 2023

Readiness Workshops

Check out the January Readiness Workshop to discover how keeping information and forms in one location will make onboarding quicker and easier for new hires, as well as hiring managers and HR staff.

Business Process Design

During Customer Confirmation Sessions, campus stakeholders will validate how business processes have been designed in Workday and provide input to guide the final design work before testing.

Question of the Month

Will I be able to share my personal pronouns and name pronunciation in Workday?
Yes, you may share personal pronouns and the pronunciation of your name. You also have the option to upload a photo and display your education, military status, and preferred name. You may choose what to share publicly (or not) with others who work for UW. These are all options, not requirements.


Connections Corner

Photograph of Liz Hanson
ATP’s success depends on experienced people from across the UW System. As an HR professional who joined the UW in 2022, Liz Hanson is excited that onboarding in Workday will provide a much-improved experience for new hires, as well as everyone who plays a part in onboarding.
“I think it’s really exciting, and I get a little nerdy about it. The onboarding dashboard in Workday is going to centralize everything new hires need to know and do to get started. It will streamline the process and create a positive impression when people join the UW System.”

—Liz Hanson, ATP Onboarding Design Team Member

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