Vol. 7 - November 2022
Fewer Ancillary Systems, More Benefits
There are many benefits to standardizing business processes across the UW System. Workday will not only handle most of our administrative needs, but it will also replace a number of ancillary systems that no longer serve us well.

Hundreds of our current, disparate systems create significant challenges for staff. Most do not provide consistent processes and reporting across departments, campuses, and the UW System.

By implementing Workday, we can replace or retire many of the 1,600+ ancillary systems we inventoried. The transition will enhance the UW System’s ability to fulfill its research, teaching, and outreach mission by providing more accurate information and streamlined processes.

In this issue of ATP Touchpoints, you’ll learn about the thoughtful and deliberate process we followed to help the decision makers from your institution determine whether to keep, replace, or retire existing ancillary systems. 

Dr. Joanna Wang
Program Executive – Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

Understanding the Future of Your Institution’s Ancillary Systems
Over the past months, the ATP Integrations Team has held many conversations with subject matter experts from every UW institution about how ancillary systems are currently used and whether they can be replaced by Workday functionality. While many current processes can be greatly improved with Workday, others will require the continued use of existing ancillary systems.

ATP, in collaboration with the finance, HR, and research administration functional areas across the UW System, inventoried and analyzed more than 1,600 ancillary systems. After institutions come to a system’s disposition decision (“keep,” “replace,” or “retire”) for each of their identified systems, further analysis will begin.

Readiness Workshops to Begin in December
ATP is set to begin monthly Readiness Workshops that will provide introductory overviews of Workday functionality to Change Network members to help them prepare their institutions for the upcoming changes. Workshops will be recorded, and the recordings will be available to anyone with a UW login. New topics and the link to the recordings will be provided in future ATP Touchpoints newsletters.

Note that these are not training sessions. UW System configuration of Workday will continue through mid-2023, with training to follow testing.
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Question of the Month

What will happen to the ancillary systems I use today?
After a thorough review process and assessment of Workday's capabilities, leaders from your institution will decide if a system should be kept, replaced, or retired. Learn about the disposition decisions for more than 1,600 current systems.


Connections Corner

ATP’s success depends on knowledgeable people applying their expertise. We asked Jeanne Hains how that approach has driven the disposition of ancillary systems.
“We talked with staff from each institution to learn about their current systems so we could advocate for their business needs within Workday. Our collaborative approach lets us provide answers while keeping the institution in the driver’s seat.”

—Jeanne Hains, Business Systems Analyst, ATP Integrations Team

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