Vol. 6 - October 2022
Meet Your ATP Change Network
The top priority of the Administrative Transformation Program is to make sure you are prepared for the transition to Workday. To ensure that you receive the support and information you need, we have established a Change Network made up of leaders you know and work with.  

Read more in this issue of ATP Touchpoints about the role of your Change Network, and learn who will help guide the implementation of Workday on your campus. 

Dr. Joanna Wang
Program Executive – Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

What Is the Change Network?
The ATP Change Network is responsible for supporting you and your colleagues throughout the transition to Workday. Made up of Readiness Teams on each campus and existing campus governance groups, the Change Network provides information faculty and staff need to prepare for the launch of Workday in July 2024.

Change Network members attend monthly meetings facilitated by ATP and communicate with you about program updates, changing business processes, and end-user training. Members also attend and communicate about Readiness Workshops, an important readiness activity open to all UW System faculty and staff. Stay tuned for more information about the Readiness Workshops.

Looking for More?
Get the latest from our Finance, HR, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

Question of the Month

Who is redesigning UW business processes?
There are 21 ATP Design Teams, each assigned to oversee the redesign of specific business processes, such as Cash Management, Time & Absence, and Grants Management, within Workday. Learn more about their work and see who’s involved from your campus as members of the Focus and Validation Groups.


Connections Corner

ATP’s success depends on knowledgeable people applying their expertise, including the UW System staff participating in Readiness Teams. We asked Scott Menke what excites him about this business transformation.
“I think we are approaching this implementation in a better way than we have with past system changes. Instead of expecting a system to work for our existing processes, we are being progressive and looking for new ways to handle business processes.”

—Scott Menke, ATP Readiness Lead—Vice Chancellor Finance/Administration for UW-Parkside