Vol. 5 - September 2022
The People Behind the Program
As campuses across the UW System begin a new semester, the ATP staff has passed the halfway mark of the Architect Stage. With over 180 design sessions complete, we are on track, thanks to the dedication of hundreds of your colleagues.  

A question we hear often is, “How are you addressing my unit’s needs as you redesign business processes for Workday?” The UW subject matter experts serving on ATP’s Focus and Validation Groups represent you throughout the design process. There is a strong focus on improving the user experience as business processes are reimagined. People who do the work, people you know, are validating the new processes.

In this issue of ATP Touchpoints, you’ll find links to the people who put you first, every day.

Dr. Joanna Wang
Program Executive – Chief Technology Officer

Program Roundup

Who Represents Your Units During Design?
Did you know over 440 of your UW colleagues are working diligently to help standardize business processes within Workday? As Focus and Validation Group members, representing every campus in the UW System, they provide insights and verify the setup in Workday before ATP Design Teams begin work on the next configuration.

ATP Teams Ensure Steady Progress to Successful Launch
A staff of dedicated subject matter experts keep ATP on track, apply their knowledge of business process needs, and support the program in a variety of ways. The purpose of their work is to make your work easier by exploring the best way to standardize UW business processes in Workday.

ATP Governance Committees Keep the Program Moving Forward
To facilitate the implementation of Workday and Huron Research Suite, ATP has established a governance framework that includes Systemwide representation.

Readiness Assessment Research Findings Available
In April 2022, ATP conducted a survey of over 7,000 employees working in finance, HR, research administration, and IT at all UW System institutions to understand your insights about ATP. The results will help guide our communications and engagement efforts.

Looking for More?
Get the latest from our Finance, HR, Research Administration, and IT Strategy Teams.

Connections Corner

ATP’s success depends on talented, knowledgeable people applying their expertise. We asked Brittney Trimmer what she enjoys about sharing the work of IT in a way that is helpful to a variety of audiences.
“All of our end users may not think the same way, but if we can take that technical jargon and communicate it in a meaningful way, then they’re better able to come along with us.”

—Brittney Trimmer, Technology Change Management Lead